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Hostile Environment Training Course (H.E.T)

This course is designed for people working in or travelling to potentially dangerous regions anywhere in the world. This includes people employed in the media, oil or gas industries as well as Government employees or workers from the voluntary sector.

We will teach you how to operate safely and effectively in situations outside of your normal comfort zone.

We will provide you with the skills necessary to identify and respond correctly to all situations that you could be confronted with in hostile and volatile environments.

A full risk assessment is carried out of the region you are deploying to and forms part of the course making it bespoke.

The training is a mixture of classroom / practical scenarios and the subjects covered include:

  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Situational awareness.
  • Cultural awareness
  • Terrorist tactics and procedures
  • Surveillance
  • Weapons & Ballistics – types and performance
  • Armoured vehicles and personal body armour – types and performance
  • Emergency Comms equipment - types
  • I.E.D. Awareness
  • Personal Security
  • Vehicle Security Procedures
  • Advanced First Aid techniques
  • Kidnap Survival

The Course duration is 2 full days and is delivered at our Midlands and N.Ireland Offices or at a location suitable to the Client.

Course Fee £= Price on application

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