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Employment Screening

Employment Screening Services

The Business Case for Employee Screening.*

  • 75% of UK employers make the wrong hiring decisions costing the UK economy £12 Billion a year.
  • 90% of application fraud is unsuccessful when proper screening is in place
  • 20-50% of candidates embellish their credentials on C.V.s.
  • 15% of candidates withdraw from the application process when told screening is in place.
  • 27% of applicants give false references.
  • 11% falsely claim to have a degree.

Pre-Employment Screening.

Simply put; pre-employment screening is necessary because employers can no longer rely solely on candidate interviews to make sound recruitment decisions. Pre-employment screening is the cornerstone of good risk management.

A wrong recruitment decision will have severe consequences and is often very costly to rectify. It is therefore critical that your recruitment decision is sound.

Routine Employee Screening.

Employment Screening should be viewed as an ongoing process of good risk management and not solely applicable to potential employees. People's circumstances change continually so any vulnerability may present a risk to your organisation. It makes good sense to routinely re-screen holders of certain roles or those individuals being considered for promotion or being given a position of trust.

Greymen use the latest search systems and data sets to ensure the information we provide you with enables you to make informed decisions. We will happily assist with identifying which roles require screening as well as the specific checks required to minimise risk.

Our checks include:

  • Credit Checks
  • Proof of Residence
  • Right to Work in the UK
  • DBS Check
  • Social Media Check
  • Passport Validation
  • Directorships Check
  • Company Reports
  • Employment Gap
  • Character Reference Check
  • 5 year Employment Check
  • Qualification Verification Check
  • Sanctions & Politically Exposed Persons Check (anti-Money Laundering)
  • Financial Conduct Authority Check
  • Driving Licence Checks
  • Professional Checks for Solicitors
  • Professional Checks for Accountants
  • Application Sifting
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*Sources - The Independent 2012, Cooper Lomaz Exposed 2013, Experian 2013,Accu-Screen Inc.2012.

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